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August 4 (Thursday)
BIG DOG Shootout
PLUS! Outlaw Doorslammers, 6.0 & 7.49 Real Street

August 5-6 (Friday-Saturday)

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With the 20th anniversary of the Big Dog Shootout being celebrated over this July 4th weekend, the much anticipated Power Jam was completed on Saturday at historic Piedmont Dragway; “The Doorslammer Capital of the World”. The track, in continuous operation since 1957, did not disappoint as drivers in the Big Dog Shootout and in the combo event, Extreme Oulaw Pro Mod Association took a shot at the track with hot, slick conditions prevalent on this day. When the dust settled, it was last month’s winner, Ronnie Gardner, in the Jack Gaddy Camaro on the pole in Big Dog and second generation driver, Ty Tutterow, on the pole for the EOPM part of the event.

That said, in Big Dog, the qualifiers were chasing Gardner’s 4.08 to #8, Marvin Graham. Tim Siler came in at #2 with Charles Richards at #3, and John Lassiter #4. Other competitors included Larry Pearce, a winner already this year, Cam Clark, and Tim Lawrence. Breakage advanced Lassiter and Siler to the semis with John Lassiter using a 4.10 to go to the finals. Charles Richards Jr. ran a 4.08 to advance on the other side. In the final, Charles Richards Jr. defeated John Lassiter by a whopping .0006 margin of victory. When Lassiter and partner, Jeff Miller, get the bugs out, LOOK OUT.
In the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod portion of the program, Jamie Chappell was #1 qualifier until the second round when Ty Tutterow rolled to the line and used dad, Todd’s tune up to go to the pole with a 3.845 ET. Ty also added top MPH at 196.42. Others in the field included Brian Schrader, Robbie Keziah, Jamie Chappell, Chris Patrick, with tuning help from Jay Cox, Tommy Mauney, Derrick Brown, in the ex-Victor Cagnazzi Pro Stock, and Randy Weatherford. The semis were as follows: Tutterow ran another 3.84 to defeat Chappell, and Robbie Keziah advanced over Brian Shchrader. This set the final with young Mr. Tutterow saving the best for last and laying down a 3.83 to defeat Keziah’s 3.95. Congratulations to the whole Tutterow gang for Ty’s first, and surely not his last.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary were such drivers as Terry Brackett, first in the 4 second range with a 3000 lb. Camaro with Fulton 632 power, Buzz Varner, Morris Mitchell, Rocky Raynor, Rick Moore, Todd Tutterow, Michale “Golfball” Godfrey, Matt Giangrande, Bubba Turner, Randy Weatherford, Joel Douglas, Ronnie Gardner, John Lassiter, Travis Harvey, Jack Gaddy, Andy Beal, Jamie Chappell, Charles Richards Jr. All in all, over 30 drivers came out to be recognized along with the founder of the “Longest Running Single Track Series in the Country”, Mr. Jim Turner. If you weren’t there, you were missed, and please come to any upcoming event that you may be able to attend.

Other winners, for the day included: Willie Morgan defeating Kyle Shipmon in 7.49 Real Street, Bobby McMasters defeating Ray Anderson in 6.00 Raiders, and Travis Harvey, Yes that Travis Harvey, defeating David Rice in Outlaw Door Slammer. Also on had were the Gibbs Racing 4.70 Extreme DoorSlammers with John Smith defeating Tommy Luther.

All in all, a great day and a great opportunity to be part of history. Make sure to attend the next installment of the Big Dog Shootout at historic Piedmont Dragway.

July BIG DOG / EOPM Pro Mod Race Results

All Classes Race Results / BIG DOG Results / EOPM Pro Mod Results


It would be impossible tell the complete history of the “Longest Running Single Track Event in the United States” but I will try to hit the more important happenings from the 20 year history. An event that began as a way to showcase individuals that came to Test n Tune on Thursday nights at the 1/8 mile track. That’s right, to showcase these competitors, Dora Turner said those famous words, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, you need to get off the porch”.

Somewhere along the way, Bob Harris came along and the rest, as they say, is history. So here are just a few of the highlights that have made this event so well attended by both fans and competitors. Early competitors included Rocky Raynor, Rick Wilson, the Matalee Brothers, Terry Woods, Norris Mitchel, Michael “Golfball” Godfrey, and Terry Brackett, who held the distinction of the first competitor to run in the 4 second range. This was followed by an MPH record set by Rick Moore, with smaller wing, at 168 MPH. This record stood for quite some time.

Moore was schooled by mentor, Mike Bell, and was against Mike that Rick had his best memories. This took place when the two met in the finals of the ’03 Power Jam. An event that Moore’s Pontiac won. But all was not wine & roses as Moore lost to Todd Tutterow in the second North South Shootout giving Tutterow the $50K prize. Rick is now competition director for the Shootout and is Executive Director of the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Association.

This is about the time that another driver rose to prominence, that being Dale Brinsfield. Dale’s first victory came in an ex-Frank Sanchez Pro Stock Pontiac. This car gave way to driving a ford for Larry Overby then a most enjoyable relationship with the Jerry Williams family, a time that Dale says was among his best in racing as the Williams family was and is, “a class act”. In true racer form, Dale says he misses competing and is hoping to return to competition in the near future.

Then there was a young man named Tutterow who, in a series of highly controversial cars, won his share of events, including the above mentioned $50k in the second North South Shootout. Starting in the Don Plemmons Firebird, Todd progressed to the famous Mustang with the blown small block Chevy for power. After a time with sponsorship from the AlAnabi group, Todd and Ty are now competing under the GALOT Motorsports banner.

Somewhere in all this activity, the Williams clan put a driver in their Mustang Pro Mod also named Todd. But this gentleman’s last name was Howard and he has the honor of the first competitor in the 3 second range. Many followed after that but Todd H will always be first in the 3’s and hold the distinction of the quickest Pro Mod with Gene Fulton power on carburetors. This resulted in Todd winning the points title in 2011.

Somewhere along this time, the “Northern Assasin” was beginning to make his presence felt. He is, of course, Chris Rini. With a Dodge Stratus, Charlie Buck power, and ATI sponsorship, the Dodge, which gave way to a Camaro, was always a threat. Chris was the 2012 points champ.

Danny Perry was and is a threat no matter what he drives. This season he is in an “original Big Dog” Camaro and is very competitive. Danny was the points champ in 2013 in the Boone family owned, ex-Rickie Smith Camaro.

Then there is a group of drivers that have come along in recent years to dominate the event. Jason Harris has become one of the most accomplished PRO MOD drivers in the US with, not only Big Dog Shootout wins but a PDRA Pro Nitrous title to his credit. Also we have had the privilege of watching Travis Harvey grow into a highly accomplished PRO MOD driver, as well. With guidance from chassis guru, Russ Farmer, the “Carolina Kid” was a threat anytime he was on the property at Piedmont. Jay Cox has jumped from a Renegade class ’53 Studebaker to one of the most feared cars to show up anywhere. I have had the privilege of watching these three young men grow up, literally. There contribution to the series is virtually impossible to calculate.

Now for the brain trust of the Big Dog. After a trip to the beach upon which Jim and Dora Turner located the coveted “Dog” trophy, Bob Harris came along as partner and idea man to help promote the events that surrounded the ever popular Thursday night event that always tried to run an 8 car field but sometimes ran a 16 car field. Why, you say? Once upon a Thursday night, a record 28 cars showed up for a shot at the 8 spots. After competing in a couple of events, Bob gave up his seat in competition to son, Jason, now a champion in his own right.

Again the best and worst stories came out as Bob recalls the night that Jason crashed the GTO that became the property of John Lassiter and Jeff Miller. Like yours truly, Bob recalls the first North South Shootout among his favorite memories from all the years in competition. Then there was the night that Rick Wilson burned his car to the ground at the 330 mark. Before leaving, between track money and the winners’ purse of $5,000, Rick went home with a burned car but a cool $15,000.00 in his pocket. Who won the largest number of events, ALL agree that distinction goes to Ronnie Gardner, who is still winning today.

This is, most surely, a small sampling of the events that have made the Big Dog Shootout, THE event to win in drag racing, not only in the South, but all over the US. If I left anyone out, and I know I did, I truly apologize but rest assured, this will not be the last article I try to put together that follow the history of “The Doorslammer Capital of the World” and the event known as the “BIG DOG SHOOTOUT”.


Ronnie Gardner Big Dog Winner / Bubba Turner Runner up
Ken Myrick 7.49 Winner / Runner up Jeff Faucette
Mike Sigmon 6.0 Winner / Bobby McMasters
Herb Bailey Outlaw Doorslammers Winner
David Rice Outlaw Doorslammers Runner-Up


After a rainout last week, the June edition of the “Longest Running Single Track Event” in the country, Piedmont Dragway’s legendary Big Dog Shootout, returned on Thursday night with eight quality cars on the property and fans treated to great competition. Although some cars were in Michigan for the PDRA event, the field was packed with great cars and drivers. After qualifying, to no one’s surprise, Brett Nesbitt was on the pole with a 4.08 ET serving notice that the Pontiac bodied machine was ready to start another run at a points title, only this time, as a possible BIG DOG champion. Second was Charles Richards’ Corvette at a 4.12, Brian Schrader at 4.19, and Bubba Turner at a 4.22. Eventual winner, Ronnie Gardner, was fifth with John Lassiter, still battling gremlins in sixth. April winner, Larry Pearce was seventh and Cam Clark was eighth.

Eliminations started with Bubba Turner putting a holeshot on Brian Scrader with a 4.12 defeating a 4.18. Ronnie Gardner used a 4.16 to defeat Lassiter, even though John lost power at the hit of the throttle. Charles Richards ran a 4.19 to get by Larry Pearce, and Cam Clark ran a 4.32 to defeat pole setter, Brett Nesbitt, who overpowered the track. The semi finals set the winner as Gardner used a 4.14 holeshot to defeat Charles Richards quicker, but losing, 4.12. Then Bubba Turner ran a career best 4.14 ET to defeat Cam Clark but lost a head gasket in the lights making his Camaro unable to return for the final. In true champions’ fashion, Ronnie Gardner ran a 4.18 single to prove his win was no fluke.

Finally, Nesbitt power won the event, but not in Brett’s car. Ronnie Gardner showed why he has been a Big Dog champ many times before. Bubba Turner had his best chance to win a Big Dog event, save a head gasket. The great event that Bubba’s mom and dad started has come through many changes but is still one of the greatest events in drag racing.

The July Big Dog event will be the 20th anniversary celebration of the BIG DOG Shootout. Therefore, if you have participated in the Big Dog Shootout, won a Big Dog, and/or a past champion, please contact Kevin Shipmon or myself and plan to attend on July 2nd. We welcome original cars, trophies, drivers, and crew chiefs, and, of course, ALL the wonderful stories that happened during this 20 year run.

Other winners for the evening were Herb Bailey defeating David Rice in Outlaw DoorSlammer. Mike Sigmon won the 6.00 eliminator over Bobby McMasters and Ken Myrick won the 7.49 Rico’s Real Street Eliminator over Jeff Faucette.
Hope to see all of you on July 2 at the “DoorSlammer Capital of the World”.

- April 14, 2016

BIG DOG RESULTS - Qualifying Results - Elimination Results

6.00 Raiders: Winner: Robert Richardson / R-up: Ray Anderson
Outlaw Doorslammers: Winner: Jeff Stutts / R-up: David Smith Jr.
7.49 Real Street: Winner: Willie Morgan / R-up: Greg Scott

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