2016 Deep Creek Motors / Rico's 7.49 Real Street Rules
Race Dates
4/14 (Thurs), 4/30 (Sat), 5/5 (Thurs), 5/19 (Thurs), 6/2 (Thurs), 6/16 (Thurs),
 7/2 (Sat), 7/14 (Thurs), 7/28 (Thurs), 8/4 (Thurs), 8/18 (Thurs), 9/1 (Thurs)

Winner $400 + Trophy
Runner up $100
Semi $40

Entry fee $30 Car & Driver

Race Procedure notes

1. 7.49 Index all run qualified field
2. 1 Qualifying Round
(You do not have to make a qualifying attempt to race but you have notify the tower before the ladder is made, cars breaking before qualifying can be added to the bottom of the sheet if they notify the race director before the ladder is made)

3. 5 tenths Pro Tree start, (No Deep Staging, Deep Staging will result in an automatic Red light)

4. Courtesy staging will not be enforced.

5. Ladder will be a sportsman ladder (i.e. 1vs5, 2vs6, 3vs7, 4vs8)

6. 1st Round lane choice by higher qualified competitor, all other lane choices will be by coin flip in the following rounds.

7. In the event of a computer malfunction so that pairing cannot be completed, closest to the index will be the #1 qualifier, and all cars will be paired in the lanes each round until the completion of the race.


1. All IHRA safety rules apply for cars running 7.49 and slower
2. Full bodied cars only. No roadsters or any center steered vehicles.
3. Recommend working Headlights
4. Working Tail Lights
5. No Trans-brakes, No Delay Boxes, No Electronic or Air Throttle Stops
6. Seat Belts & Helmets Required
7. Slicks Ok (must have a drive shaft loop)
Race Director has discretion on participants in the race

5 entry points
(one 5 point voucher can be used if you miss a race, must notify Piedmont Dragway of use of the voucher no later than 5 days after the missed event, and 3 days before the last event of the season)
A Competitor running all the races without using a voucher will be awarded 1 bonus point if they run all the races during the season

1 point per round won
1 bonus point Top Qualifier
2 bonus points to winner of the race

Year End Bonus
1st $500
2nd $300
3rd $200
4th $100
5th $50

Ties Broken by most wins, runner up, semis, & finally best qualifying average for the season