2016 O'Reilly Auto Parts Outlaw Doorslammers

Race Dates:
4/14 (Thurs), 5/5(Thurs), 6/2(Thurs), 7/2 (Sat), 8/4 (Thurs), 9/1(Thurs),

All races run during the Big Dog Shootout Series

Open to any Full Body cars, Left hand steer roadsters allowed with fenders
All IHRA safety rules apply for vehicles 6.49 or quicker.
Diapers required on all vehicles as of 6/5/14

Must Dial 6.49 or quicker all run field

Winner $1400.00 (plus! Trailer Check)
Runner up $500.00
Semi $200.00
Round Money $50.00 Starting with 3rd Round win
Buybacks $40.00 1st round only Buybacks go directly into 2nd round
If 48 cars or more, no Buybacks
25 Car Minimum
Points System
5 Entry Points
5 Points Per Round Won
2 Bonus Points for Winning the Race

Year End Payout
1st Place Trophy, & Jacket
2nd Place Trophy
3rd Place Trophy
All year end bonus money was added to the purse for each race.
Top 3 drivers will receive free entry to the All American Door Slammer race in November.
1st) Full Weekend pass entry to all races (no buy backs) value $399
2nd) Entry to both 5K races (no buy backs) value $200
3rd) One 5K race entry (no buy backs) value $100
No cash reimbursement for these awards.

Tie Breaker most wins, runner up, semis, quarter finals.