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OCTOBER 3, 2013 @ Piedmont Dragway - BIG DOG!!!

Jason Harris and Randy Weatherford made it to the finals of the BIG DOG Shootout, unfortunately due to the 11:30pm curfew, the two drivers split and both teams went home happy. Larry Peace won the Renegade class overcoming
Jamie Chappell in the finals! No other classes had a chance to finish due to the curfew, mostly in part to the huge track clean up needed after Bobby Baucom crashed violently during qualifying in the BIG DOG race. Latest word is that Bobby is doing ok with minor aches and pain only but he is going to be ok...
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RENEGADE WINNER: Larry Pearce (Pictured)  /  Runner-up: Jamie Chappell

Pearce now holds the Renegade MPH Record! Set During Elimination Rounds!
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