Saturday - June 9, 2012
Pro Top Outlaws and NDRRA Outlaws (275 D/R and R/S)

On Saturday night, June 9th, track owner, Gilmer Hinshaw and veteran IHRA Top Dragster racer, Travis Blalock had a scary horrendous finish line crash. Hinshaw was running his Big Dog Cobalt car against Blalock in the finals of the Pro Top Outlaw class when suddenly Gilmer's "Door Car" collided into the side of Blalock's "Dragster" at well over 160 mph! The track guard rails on the top end suffered damage forcing Piedmont officials to call off the Sunday action until repairs can be made. Travis Blalock was declared the event winner of the awesome Pro Top Outlaws class!

Hinshaw, one of the owners of the Piedmont facility, has a few broken bones, but according to Debbie, the wife of Gilmer, he is going to be OK! Travis escaped thankfully uninjured.

Due to the crash the finals of the X275 Drag Radial class was unable to be run.
David Pearson and Kevin Mullins made it to the finals. Earlier in the day during qualifying, Pearson (pictured below) set the new X275 Drag Radial class record blistering a stout 4.798 in the heat of the day!

Outlaw Real Street : Event Winner - Steve Harper  /  Runner-up - Lisa Handy