2020 Big Dog Shootout Rules

Updated: Nov. 9, 2019

1. Only Slicks under 35” allowed

2. All cars must meet and comply with NHRA Pro Modified Safety rules and Regulations.

3. ALL DRIVERS MUST HAVE A NHRA/PDRA Top Sportsman or Higher Competition License. No Exceptions! Competitors will have 60 days first their 1st Big Dog event to obtain their license.

4. Protective Clothing – Drivers suit or jacket, pants, gloves, and shoes must meet SFI 3.2A/15 specification for Nitrous entries. Driver’s suit or jacket, pants, gloves, and boots must meet SFI 3.2A/20 specification for Super Charged entries. Head & neck restraint mandatory. Head sock recommended. NO EXCEPTION ON SAFETY EQUIPMENT!

5. Helmet Snell 2010 or newer.

6. Engine Diapers and Belly Pan Systems mandatory.

7. Nitrous entries limited to no more than (2) two systems and (2) two 10lb bottles or (1) 15lb bottle. No more than (1) power adder.

8. No Turbos or Pro Chargers allowed. No Super Charged Chrysler Hemi allowed. Naturally
Aspirated Chrysler and Chevy Semi Hemi allowed.

9. No Double Plate NOS systems allowed on 2 carburetor setups.

10. Only single carburetors can use plate system.

11. Delay boxes are legal.

12. All 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. Nitrous systems must be capped and wired disconnected where applicable.

13. No Trash can solenoids.


15. No solenoids bigger than .125

16. Break Rule: During qualifying if a competitor breaks before taking the water box, He or
She will be allowed to run at the end of the line and will have 5 minutes to take the water box.
If He or She breaks after the water box and has not Pre-Staged it will be the race directors’ discretion weather to allow the competitor to make their qualifying attempt. The racer cannot go back to the water box and do a second burnout and will be given 60 seconds to stage the car after the track is clear if the race director allows the vehicle to make an attempt.
If the competitor has Pre-Staged and breaks it will be a failed qualifying attempt and not allowed to be made up.

17. Progressives allowed.

18. Traction control allowed.

19. No Push Systems.

20. No Lockup Transmissions or Convertors allowed. No externally or internally controlled fluid manipulation. Maximum Bell Housing 6.250 inches. Lockup convertors are prohibited on all combinations. Overdrive units are prohibited on all combinations. Manipulation of transmission or convertor pressure or fluid volume is prohibited. The Technical Staff at Piedmont Dragway reserves the right to at any time request and review any and all run data including Race Pak parameter settings related to any part of any run-in question to determine if there is a rule infraction regarding the use of Lock up Transmissions and or convertors. At any time during a qualifying or competition run the engine/driveshaft ratio goes 1 to 1 it will be determined that a Lock up Device is being used and will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

21. Suspension: No Inertia Shock Absorber and or Air Ride / Air Bag suspension allowed. No Ride height altering devices can be active during a run. No downward directed lighting allowed at any time during a run should be inactive once the car enters the race surface starting at the water box.

Weight Limits

4.840 Bore Space up to 648 cubic inches NOS 2300lbs
4.840 Bore Space up to 740 cubic inches NOS 2375lbs
5.000 Bore Space up to 762 cubic inches NOS 2450lbs
5.000 Bore Space from 763 cubic inches NOS up to a maximum of 800ci NOS 2480lbs
5.000 Bore Space up to 825 cubic inches No Power Adder 2300.
481X or Chevy Up to 540 cubic inches Super Charged 2575lbs
1471 Cast Only Super Charger limited to Maximum of 29% Overdrive.
Top Opening of the Super Charger may not exceed 12 inches in length or 5 inched in width.
Maximum length from the front of the supercharger drive pully to the leading edge of the roto is 15 inches. NO BILLET BLOWERS ALLOWED.
Small Block Nitrous 2200lbs

All engines are subject to P & G at any time. Only a driver or car owner can protest another participant. It will be up to Piedmont tech if such protest is warranted. All protest is at the sum of $600. If driver being protested wins the protest driver or owner will receive $300. The remaining $300 goes to Piedmont Dragway for future construction projects. If the protested driver is deemed illegal then all purse that driver would have earned will be distributed among drivers he defeated and 1st non qualifier. Points will be distributed accordingly.

Race Director and Tech Director may waive, amend or modify any rule at anytime for a single occurrence and for good cause.


ONE DAY EVENT (8 Car Field)
$3000 Win
$1000 Runner Up
$700 Semis
$500 1st Round Loser
Car & Driver free, all crew members pay general admission
No charge to enter the points in this series

10 points awarded for Car passing tech

Qualified cars:
1st 8 pts.,
2nd 7 pts.,
3rd 6 pts.,
4th 5 pts.,
5th 4 pts.,
6th 3 pts.,
7th 2 pts.,
8th 1 point

5 points awarded for Per Round Won
3 points awarded To Each Race Winner
1 point awarded To Each Race Runner-Up

Tie Breaker: Most wins, Runner up, semi, head to head matchups

The fastest 2 1st round losers and the 9 and 10 qualifiers will run one another,
winner gets $200 loser gets $100. You must take the tree under power to win the money.

Year-end Payout will be announced later

Piedmont Dragway reserves the right to modify rules in the interest of competition if necessary.