6.0 Raiders Rule Book

Winner $700
Runner up $250
Semi $70
16 car minimum for full payout

Entry Fee
$70 car & driver (This includes driver gate admission)
Buy Backs $50 if less than 24 cars, more than 25 or more no Buy backs.

Race Procedures
1. 6.00 Index all run qualified field on a sportsman ladder for 1st round if 25 or more cars. If less than 25 cars all buy back entry's will go into 2nd round and be paired by card draw in the lanes. #1 qualifier will get the first bye run as long as they win their round, after the #1 qualifier gets their bye all other byes are determined by best reaction time if the field is less than 25 cars. Fields of 25 or more cars will stay on a ladder the entire race.
2. One official qualifying round, if a driver cannot make the qualifying round they can be added to the bottom of the ladder if they notify race control after qualifying and before the ladder is given to staging.
3. 4 tenths Pro Tree start (Deep Staging will result in automatic Disqualification during eliminations when tree activates)
4. Courtesy Staging will not be enforced.
5. 1st Round lane choice goes to the higher qualified car; coin flip determines lane choice on all following rounds when laddered after 1st round. If card draw is used for 2nd round and beyond the car draw will determine lane choice.
6. In the event of a computer malfunction so that pairing cannot be completed, closest to the index will be the #1 qualifier and will get first round bye if there is one. Pairing will be in the staging lanes each round and closest to the index will get the available by if there is one.
7. In the event of rain or suspension of the race, completion of two full rounds will be considered a completed race. Entry points, qualifying bonus points, and round points will be awarded. All prize money will be split among drivers still in the race. If only the final is left it can be completed at another event if agreed upon by both drivers in the finals and points awarded accordingly.

1. 6.00 is the index/dial-in for all entries in this eliminator designed for full body door cars or left-hand steer street roadsters only. All chassis types are acceptable. All cars must have fenders covering front wheels. Driver should not be able to see front wheels from cockpit. Left hand driver position must be retained. No altereds. It will be contested on a .4 pro tree.
2. Any tire size allowed. Functional tail light mandatory. Must run at night for safety. Neutral safety switch required. External on/off battery cut off switch at rear of car is required.
3. Transbrakes, delay boxes, two-steps, RPM switches, electric or air shifters are allowed. No down track timed throttle stops may be used. No "intentional" down track "stutter" allowed. Timers may be used for nitrous.
4. Approved helmet and neck collar required. Fire jacket and pants meeting SFI 3.2A-5 required. Approved fire-retardant shoes and gloves required. Roll cage is required. "Halo" and down bars mandatory. Five-point safety harness in good working order, and driveshaft safety loop required in all cars. Engine diapers and head restraints highly recommended. All cars should meet guidelines for NHRA safety and general rules for sportsman cars running 6.00 as listed in the NHRA rulebook.
5. Diapers required on all cars

5 entry points (One 5 point voucher can be used if you are missing a race. Piedmont Dragway must be notified of the use of the voucher no later than 4 days after the race that was missed).
Competitors running all races without using a voucher will be given 1 bonus point at the end of the season.
1 point per round won
1 point for #1 Qualifier
2 Bonus Points for the winner of the race.
Buy Backs cannot score any points.
Championship Tie-Breaker will be a Best 2 of 3 run-off, (Drivers can use a different car during run-off)
All other Tie Breakers will be as follows: Most wins, Most Runner up, Most Semi Finals, Best Season Qualifying average.

Year-end Payout
1st $500 + Trophy/Jacket
2nd $300 + Trophy
3rd $200 + Trophy
4th $100 + Trophy
5th $50 + Trophy

Refund Policy
If the race is not completed by two full rounds a rain check for the next race will be offered.
refund of car & driver if you make one time run on the track.
Full refund minus gate entry if you make no runs on the track.
No Crew refunds

Piedmont Dragway reserves the right to change any of the above policies.