2016 Original Big Dog Rules
Rules update December 16, 2015

1. Only Slicks under 35Ē are allowed.
2. Cars must meet all NHRA and or IHRA Safety Rules.
3. Must comply with Pro Modified Safety Rules & Regulations
4. Protective Clothing Ė Drivers suit or jacket, pants, gloves, and shoes must meet SFI 3.2A/15 specification for Nitrous entries. Driverís suit or jacket, pants, gloves, and boots must meet SFI 3.2A/20 specification for Super Charged entries. Head & Neck restraint mandatory. Head sock recommended. NO EXCEPTION ON SAFETY EQUIPMENT. GET IT OR DONíT RACE.
5. Helmet SN 2005 or newer.
6. Engine Diapers and Belly Pan Systems mandatory.
7. Nitrous entries limited to no more than 2 (two) systems of Nitrous Oxide. Entries utilizing 2 (two) systems of Nitrous Oxide will be limited to 1 (one) 10 (ten) pound bottle. Entries utilizing 1 (one) system of Nitrous Oxide will be limited to 1 (one) 15 (fifteen) pound bottle. No more than 1 (one) power adder allowed.
8. No Turbos , Prochargers , or Super Charged Hemiís Allowed
9. No Double Plate NOS systems allowed on 2 carburetor setups
10. Only single carburetors can use plate system
11. Delay Boxes legal
12. All 2nd & 3rd nitrous systems must be capped off and wires disconnected where applicable
13. No trash can solenoids
14. No solenoids bigger than .125
15. Progressives allowed
16. Traction Control allowed
17. No Push systems
18. No Lock up Convertors

Weight Limits
4.84 bore space to up 648 cubic inch NOS 2350
4.84 bore space up to 740 cubic inch NOS 2400
5.00 bore space up to 785 cubic inch NOS 2450
5.00 bore space up to 820 cubic inch No Power Adder 2300
481X or Chevy up to 540 cubic inch Super Charged 2600
Super Charger limited to 29% over drive
Small Block NOS 2200

All engines are subject to P & G at any time. Only a driver or car owner can protest another participant. It will be up to Piedmont Tech if such a protest is warranted. All protests are at the sum of $600.00. If driver being protested wins protest driver or owner of such car will receive $300.00. The remaining $300.00 goes to Piedmont Dragway for their future construction projects. Race director or race tech may waive, amend or modify any rule at any time for any single occurrence and for good cause.

ONE DAY EVENT (8 Car Field)
$3000.00 Win
$1000 Runner Up
$700 Semis
$300 1st Round Loser

Race Payouts (Alternates):
f you enter the race as an alternate you must win at least one round to be considered for any purse. If at least one round is won the alternate will receive the appropriate payout for that round minus first round loser purse. First round loser purse goes to the qualified car that could not make first round.

$100 (This will include driver and 2 crew members)
No charge to enter the points in this series

10 points awarded for Car passing tech

Qualified cars:
1st 8 pts., 2nd 7 pts., 3rd 6 pts., 4th 5 pts., 5th 4 pts., 6th 3 pts., 7th 2 pts., 8th 1 point
5 points awarded for Per Round Won
3 points awarded To Each Race Winner
1 point awarded To Each Race Runner-Up
Tie Breaker: Most wins, Runner up, semi, head to head matchups

Year-end Payout will be announced later

Piedmont Dragway reserves the right to modify rules in the interest of competition if necessary.