All rules subject to change at the sole discretion of Piedmont Dragway management and tech department.

Qualified cars:
1st 18 pts.
2nd 17 pts.
3rd 16 pts.
4th 15 pts.
5th 14 pts.
6th 13 pts.
7th 12 pts.
8th 11 pts.

Non-qualified cars who pass technical inspection will receive 10 points.
5 points awarded for Per Round Won
3 points awarded To Each Race Winner
1 point awarded To Each Race Runner-Up
Tie Breaker: Most wins, Runner up, semi, head to head match-ups

Each race, drivers will be charged $20 for a tech card per race entry.
Crew-members will be charged $20 per crew-member.

(8 Car Field)
Winner: ---------------$5000.00
Runner Up: ----------$1500.00
1st round loss: ------$800.00

Points Fund Payouts for 2014

Each competitor will be required to pay $200 points fund fee that will be
included in the points fund.

Race Payouts (Alternates):
If you enter the race as an alternate you must win at least one round to be considered for any purse. If at least one round is won the alternate will receive the appropriate payout for that round minus first round loser purse. First round loser purse goes to the qualified car that could not make first round.

Car Styles:
Any model full-body car will be permitted. (No funny car style bodies)

Driver Restraint (Seat Belts):
SFI spec 16-1 mandatory within 2 year expiration of date of manufacture.
(See general regulations page 126 IHRA rule book.)

Dual Chutes required on all vehicles.

Window Net:
Mandatory meeting the SFI 27-1 specifications. (See general regulations page
129 IHRA rulebook.)

Protective Clothing:
A driver suit meeting SFI 3.2A/15, gloves and shoes meeting 3.3/5. SFI approved head and neck restraint device mandatory. All drivers will be required to wear a jacket and pants or suit meeting SF spec .2A/15, 3.2/20 blowers, turbos and prochargers.

SN2005 or newer or SFI 31.1, 31.2, 41.1, 41.2 mandatory. Any supercharged or nitrous assisted vehicle must use a 31.2 or 41.2 full-face helmet. Helmet shield must be down during run. Helmet removal system mandatory.

Fire Extinguisher System:
5 lb. fire extinguisher system mandatory. Minimum 1 nozzle on driver’s side in front of feet. 1 nozzle in front of the engine. Safety pins must be red flagged.
(See IHRA general regulations page 112 in IHRA rulebook.)

All drivers must have at least a current IHRA Top Sportsman Class B license.
Piedmont Dragway reserves the right to make additions deemed necessary in the interest of safety.

Full bodied cars only, no funny car style bodies. All vehicles must have working and accessible doors and hoods. McAmis-Cynergy 5 star bodies are legal for Big Dog.

Wheelbase and Overhang:
Minimum 100” with a 2” variation from left to right. Maximum wheel base 115”, trucks full size 140”, S-10 Dakota or Ranger 125” Front overhang limited to 43 from the front spindle. Vehicle with less than 43” may add 1 extension to compensate for the difference, but the extension must be approved by Piedmont tech and must meet proper height requirements.

Ground Clearance:
Minimum 3” from front end to 12” behind the spindle-2” remainder of car.

Four wheel brakes mandatory on all vehicles.

Floater-rear axles required.

All vehicles must be equipped with an IHRA approved diaper.
Diapers must be pulled tight not to interfere with the timing equipment. (Any run that is suspected to be affected by a low diaper will be reviewed and possibly disallowed if incremental times detect a major difference in the vehicles performance.) A carbon fiber or fabricated aluminum belly pan may be used in lieu of a diaper with a minimum of 6 attaching points.

22.5 Hoosier DOTs or any slick up to 34.5 only.

Bead locks mandatory on all entries maximum width 16”
Liners will be allowed per NHRA rules.

Taillights must be operation during all runs at night.

Must be secured (bolted in). (No exceptions)

Computers / Data Records: Allowed.
Crew members cannot activate the computer from the outside, after the vehicle has staged.

Delay Boxes: Legal

Traction Control:
Legal. (Ex: Davis Technologies)

Batteries / Starters:
All vehicles must have an onboard bolted on battery. Drivers must start the vehicle from inside the car. Maximum of two batteries. Battery jump off will be allowed behind the wall only. (If a vehicle loses fire inside the wall it must be able to start on its own. If directed by a Piedmont official to shutoff, the vehicle will be allowed a jump start inside the wall one time.)

Blowers. No screw type blowers. 88mm max for twin turbo, 120mm max for single turbo, intercoolers prohibited on turbos, electronic fuel injection accepted, water injection allowed on NOS combinations.

The maximum supercharger allowed will be 1471. The maximum overdrive on any combinations with billet heads and billet blocks will be 30%. Conventional cast blocks and heads may run up to 50%.

Any transmission allowed.

Nitro methane prohibited. Fuel checks at the discretion of the tech department

Maximum of two bottles, 15 lbs maximum per bottle. No bottle may be turned on until after the burnout is completed. All nitrous bottles must be within a 5 year expiration date and have the pressure rating clearly stamped on the bottle.

Big Block Weight Limits:
Setup Weight Allowed
Nitrous 2250 lbs 730-810 cubic inch 5” bore spacing
Nitrous 2395 lbs Up to 5.3 bore spacing and 925 cubic inch
Blower 2475 lbs Up to 540 cubic inch 5.0 bore spacing
Single Turbo 2475 lbs up to 540 cubic inch 5.0 bore spacing
Twin Turbo 2550 lbs up to 540 cubic inch 5.0 bore spacing
Procharger 2400 lbs up to 540 cubic inch 5.0 bore spacing

Small Block Weight Limits:
Setup Weight Allowed
Automatic w/nitrous 1850 any cubic inch
Automatic w/blower 2475 Up to 450 cubic inch.
Over 450 cubic inch will run at big block weight.
Single Turbo 2400 lbs up to 430 cubic inches
Twin Turbo 2475 lbs up to 430 cubic inches

All engines are subject to P & G at any time. Only a driver or car owner can protest another participant. It will be up to Piedmont Tech if such a protest is warranted. All protests are at the sum of $600.00. If driver being protested wins protest driver or owner of such car will receive $300.00. The remaining $300.00 goes to Piedmont Dragway for their future construction projects. Race director or race tech may waive, amend or modify any rule at any time for any single occurrence and for good cause.